Hello everyone!
My name is Cristian Mihail Păuna.
I am an engineer, economist, and
doctor in economic informatics.

I am a dedicated business specialist, with extensive experience and varied knowledge and skills across the information technology and private financial industries. In the last decades, I have accumulated notable work experience designing, developing, testing, optimizing, and maintaining automated capital investment algorithms. My latest challenge is: "give me a real-time price series of anything, and I will give you the profit for the next period." I invite anyone to play this profitable game with me. I call it "math makes money", and I promise it will change your perception and will show you a different perspective about the true value of numbers.

I am specialized in big-data low-latency automated capital investment systems, and I have a significant experience in computational algorithms and model development. I have also accumulated a wide proficiency in designing and developing software for financial systems. Some of my projects are listed on this site. I can manage any UNIX or Windows server, and MySQL is my favorite database even I also use NoSQL. I can code in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, MQL, C++, Java, R, Python, or any object-orientated programming language. The computer is my best friend. I have convinced him to work for me, and we really trust each other. I am the author of more original mathematical algorithms with good and proved returns in capital investment. Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate in economic informatics with the doctoral theme "Modern Methodologies for Business Intelligence Systems Design" and the main subject "Real-Time Automated Investment Systems for Capital Markets".

Cristian Păuna


I have more than twenty years of managerial experience with a broad background which covers general management, money management, risk management as well as operational and project management. I have more than twenty-two years of experience in business administration and an essential competence in real estate investments. Business analysis, enterprise, and software architecture design are some of my preferred activities. Building dependable software is one of my favorite daily jobs. Working towards teams, budgets, and targets is also a strong point of mine.
It is hard to believe that I started trading when I was eight years old. As a kid, I sold candies, gum collectibles, glass balls, badges, photos, and valves' rosettes in the neighborhood to make money. At that time, I discovered how profitable it is to sell when everyone wants to buy. This action is still my favorite trading strategy. Later, I sold anything in my activities: from earrings and currencies to cars and trailers, from mouses to industrial computers and servers, form furniture to apartments, villas and wide real estate proprieties. I consider myself a fair negotiator, and I insist on remaining in this position.

From my work experience, I can note my jobs as General Manager for General Group Company (IT distribution and real estate investments), General Manager for General Group Ltd. (developer of global economic software) and Risk and Operational Manager for General Import Export Company (trading company). As an Algorithmic trader and Principal software developer for Algo Trading Service Ltd. (financial company), I have proved special skills to develop capital investment algorithms and automated software. Now I am the Managing Partner and Principal Software Developer of Algorithm Invest Corporation.


I discovered financial trading in my economic informatics faculty when I visited a stock exchange floor. From that moment, I thought it is possible to teach a computer to trade instead of a human being. I was always convinced that any price change can be mathematically defined and can, therefore, be predicted at least for a short period. In 1998 I canceled all my jobs and academic activities, and I have started to work at this project with this idea in my mind. It was true. Any price evolution can be predicted with a defined error and a measured risk. After years of sustained work, I succeeded to make several mathematical algorithms which can be used with very good results to implement automated capital investment software. At this moment, trading currencies, shares, stock indices, and commodities markets can be made fully automated together with the risk management. Some of these models are already published in the academic papers and are very appreciated. Anyone can find these articles for free on this site. I am very happy receiving feedback from people who have achieved positive expectancy using my work.

From my educational background: Economic Informatics Doctoral School of Economic Studies Academy, a Ph.D. candidate in "Modern Methodologies for Business Intelligence Systems Design. Automated Trading Systems for Stock Exchange." (2017-present), Economic Studies Academy, Bachelor's Degree in Cybernetics, Statistics, and Economic Informatics, “Advanced software models for financial market predictions” (1993-1999), Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Aircraft Faculty, PhD in Aero Acoustics Engineering, “Software models in aero acoustics”, thesis not submitted (1996-1997), Master of Science Degree in Special Aerospace Engineering, “Software models for special elements in aerospace engineering” (1995-1996), Propulsion Systems Bachelor's Degree, “Software model for optimisation of a turbo reactor propulsion system” (1990-1995), Henry Coanda Aviation High School, Baccalaureate Degree, First prize award on "National aeronautical contest in electrical board systems design” (1986-1990).


My native language is Romanian, and I am very proud of it.
I have professional working proficiency in English, German, and French.
I am learning every day Greek, Spanish, and Italian languages as a hobby.
I have a driving license since 1991, and smooth driving is one of my hobbies.
Psychology and understanding human behavior is also a passion of mine.

I love animals, and all animals love me back.
I think they are better than humans in everything.

Climbing mountains is a hobby since childhood. The highest I climbed alone was Mont Blanc Peak at 4.810m in 2018, and Cerro Aconcagua at 5.053m in 2020.
I took intensive music studies until I was twelve years old. At that age, I have discovered that math never lies. When I found what mathematics and physics are good for, music remained only as a hobby. Now I love to play for my soul with my alto saxophone and piano.

I was blessed to be the father of Ana-Maria Păuna and Alexandra-Maria Păuna, the smartest girls I ever met.
I was born on 20.08.1972 in Bucharest, Romania, in a musicians family. My mother is a piano professor, and my father is a horn professor and soloist.
My grandfather from my mother was a private tradesman, and my grandmother was a luxury dressmaker. My grandparents from my father were farmers, and the grandfather had vast abilities as handy builder and constructor. I think I am a happy and complete combination of all of them, and I am thankful for that. Thank you for your interest and for reading all of this about me!
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