The Private Trading Servers by Cristian Pauna are specialized servers including artificial intelligence software and connected with a specific brokerage server by a fast data connection to obtain a stable and long lasting performance. Any investor can rent a Private Trading Server to build his own financial investment environment on solid basis. A Private Trading Server is running all trading software made by Cristian Pauna.

>Any professional investor with a minimal 1000000$ investment capital can rent a Private Trading Server.
>A stable and graduate-risk allocation plan must be built first, including multiple margin capital accounts.
>All 16 artificial intelligence trading software covering 24 financial markets must be included in this plan.
>The investor takes all responsibility for financial market risk and is in charge of the risk plan application.
>The investor will decide the risk and capital management plan and the allocated risk for every software.
>The investor is the only one deciding about the chosen brokerage company providing the margin accounts.
>The investor has real-time control of the server functionality; he can turn it off anytime based on the results.
>The Private Trading Server is rented by an information technology service contract signed by the investor.
>A Private Trading Server rental contract has a strong confidentiality clause to protect the investor's interests.
>The servers are administrated by Cristian Pauna exclusively and have strong antitheft and capital protection.
>The investor has a real-time connection with the server administrator and can set real-time adjustments.
>The investor is the only one with access to the invested capital in his own capital brokerage accounts.
>The investor has nothing to pay for the trading software licenses and benefits of any real-time update.
>The investor has nothing to pay for the server administration, server data connections, and server updates.
>The investor has nothing to pay in a specific period if the server makes no profit in his capital accounts.
>The investor will pay a profit share for the server performance if a profit is recorded in a specific period.
>The profit share paid by the investor for the server profitability depends on the invested capital amount.
>The rental contract for Private Trading Software does not include financial services or financial advice.
>The rental contract for Private Trading Software can be terminated at any time with no charges or penalties.
>Private Trading Software does not guarantee a profit, and a real financial risk is involved in any case.

There are two classes of Private Trading Server:
>Class A: hosting all 4 Predictors, 4 Retractors, 4 Collectors, and 4 Traders
>Class B: hosting only the Climber signature by Cristian Pauna trading software

A small number of Private Trading Servers will be built to protect the functional profitability and reliability.