SuperCont is an automated capital investment software system providing services to grow the capital in the investor's account.
SuperCont uses artificial intelligence and real-time data mining procedures to find investment opportunities in financial markets.
SuperCont can be used by any private or institutional investor, people or companies with available liquidities for real investments.
SuperCont package includes 10 automated channels for short, medium, and long term investments on the top capital markets.
SuperCont software uses hundreds of data mining algorithms and makes about 6.6 MIPS to find real-time market opportunities.
SuperCont system send the market opportunities in the investor's accounts. The investor makes his own money management.
SuperCont can be used to grow the capital into an unlimited number of accounts, for any capital amount, and for an unlimited time.
SuperCont includes an advanced and friendly security protection interface integrated with a real-time business intelligence system.
SuperCont software through SuperCont permits real-time capital exposure management and investment analysis to any investor.
SuperCont performance is continuously improved, optimising the data mining algorithms by real-time machine learning procedures.
SuperCont uses a dynamic capital allocation algorithm to distribute capital exposure and to increase the system capital efficiency.
SuperCont is online since 1998 and has obtained sustained, stable and proved profitable returns in different market conditions.
SuperCont trades around the clock with real-time price action analysis, 24 hours per day, 5 days per week, on top liquid markets.
SuperCont can be used by investors having margin capital accounts with leverage of 1:500. The investor takes the investment risk.
SuperCont can be tested by anyone with 20000 USD. The full efficiency is obtaind with 10 capital accounts of minimum 20000 USD.

Advanced details about the data mining methods included in SuperCont can be found here.
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