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From more than eight hundreds trading books, printed, online or on Kindle, the single trading books that count for me are only eight. I list them here for those who asked me about: 
Larry Connors, i.a. - How Markets Really Work
A quantitative guide to stock market behavior
Larry Connors, i.a. - Short Term Trading Strategies That Work
A quantified guide to trading stocks and ETFs 

Laurence A. Connors, Linda Bradford Raschke - Street Smart
High probability short term trading strategies
Laurence A. Connors - Day Trading - The best of the professional traders journal 

Kathy Lien - The little book of currency trading
How to make big profits in the world of forex
Kathy Lien – Day trading & swing trading the currency market
Technical and fundamental strategies to profit from market moves 

Steve Ward - High performance trading - 35 practical strategies and techniques to enhance your trading psychology and performance
Corneliu Berbente, Sorin Mitran, Silviu Zancu - Numerical Methods (Metode numerice)
This is only my opinion. There are a lot of good trading books for sure.
Only in these books I found at least one idea that I really use it in my activity. 

Cristian Păuna, October 2016.