Buy Sell Filter

Buy Sell Filter is a very simple and effective indicator helping us to filter the long and short signals especially in the stock markets. The rule "don't buy stocks under the 200 Daily Simple Moving Average value" is well known for everyone in the financial trading industry. The Buy Sell Filter indicator displays the current D1 200 SMA value directly on the price chart regardless of the current timeframe used. The indicator's color is red if the current price is under D1 200 SMA, and it is changing in blue for the price over the current D1 200 SMA.

Version: 1.55
Last update:

The efficiency of the Buy Sell Filter indicator was proved during the time. The indicator can be used for manual trading, and it is very useful especially in those days when the market crosses the D1 200 SMA value. Moreover, the indicator can be used to automate the filter, and can be included in any expert advisor by importing the output data series. The Buy Sell Filter indicator is an important part of the automated trading algorithms included in successful expert advisors like Dow Jones Predictor, Dow Jones Trader, Gold Predictor, or Gold Trader.