Hello everyone!
My name is Cristian Mihail Păuna.
I am an engineer, economist, and
doctor in economic informatics.
This is my work. Enjoy it!

Pay attention, please !!!
This site is NOT providing financial services, financial consultancy, banking services, or brokerage services.
This is a mathematics and software author site. This site provides mathematical algorithms, software, and useful ideas and tools to build a stable trading activity assisted by the artificial intelligence. The author of these algorithms is not offering himself to do something in place of a trader or an investor. He is not offering and delivering financial services and consultancy (as the law clearly defines all these terms), and he will not answer any questions and requests asking for services related to financial services.

Climber signature by Cristian Pauna includes all my knowledge, mathematics, and trading strategies made, tested, improved, and optimized in all 25 years of experience using artificial intelligence in automated trading software. This unique software runs only under Private Trading Servers (PTS) by Cristian Pauna under antitheft protection, and it is optimized for Dow Jones Industrial Average Index CFDs. It includes a stable capital protection procedure, and it can be used for margin capital accounts with any leverage and a minimal capital of 100,000$. Like any other trading software on the market, Climber involves a real financial risk and does NOT guarantee a profit. A very small and limited number of Climber licenses are used to protect its profitability and reliability. (27.09.2023)

Currently, there are four types of optimized expert advisors for MT5 in my portfolio: Predictors, Retractors, Collectors, and Traders.
The Predictors are trading the main financial markets by predicting the next price evolution through original and proved methods.
The Collectors add frequent profits from different markets using smart triangular strategies and the Relative Cyclicality indicator.
The Retractors detect and trade the price retraction moments of the main financial indices using the Relative Cyclicality indicator.
The Traders include classical strategies for multiple markets filtered also with the dependable and unique Relative Cyclicality.
There are also 24 original indicators available and a risk and capital management tool. Click on each product for more details.

Disclaimer: Anyone interested in the above software must know from the beginning:
> This software is not guaranteeing a profit level or a particular profitable performance.
> Past software performance does not guarantee future performance, profit, or satisfaction.
> Trading financial markets involve a high-degree risk of losing money and active capital.
> Anyone using this software will do it with his own responsibility and at his own risk.
> The long-time profitability depends on each one's risk and capital management strategy.
> This software's performance depends on the data provided by the chosen brokerage company.
> This software's performance depends on the trading volume and risk level set by the used.
> This software's performance depends on the latency of the internet and data connection used.
> This software's performance depends on the brokerage fees, commissions, spreads, and swaps.
> This software's performance depends on the market price evolution and financial news.
> This software can deliver negative trades if markets act differently or unprecedented.
> The author of this software can not be held responsible for bed performance or any losses.
Anyone who does not agree with one or more of the above is asked to EXIT this site.

Stop Trading PRO is a utility software that automates some of the trader's actions. It is closing all expert advisors, all open positions, and all pending orders if a condition set by the trader is met. The condition set is regarding the account balance, equity, margin, profit or loss, or regarding the number of open trades in the current account. Passively, Stop Trading PRO can be used to report and notify different events in the account. Stop Trading PRO can also be used to protect the capital or to close different position sets. It can be used for account fragmentation or to set a Global Stop-Loss level protection. Stop Trading PRO is running fine regardless of the account type or account currency.