Market Times

Market Times is an original indicator that clearly displays the Asian, European, and American market sessions by overlapping different color areas over the price chart. It is a very useful indicator, especially for manual trading, highlighting the main time moments for a more precise locatoin of the main price action movement. The Market Times indicator can be customized to display separately the different market sessions with different colors and also can show or hide each Asian, European, or American intervals.

Version: 1.25
Last update:

The utility of the Market Times indicator can be revealed for anyone that is searching for the right trading moments, for example, in the American session. The Open and Close US market moments are clearly displayed with a vertical gray line, and the main and most significant trades are placed between these two-time milestones. The Market Times indicator can be used for any timeframe under H1 inclusive. To temporize the trading moments, Market Times indicator can also be included in expert advisors like Dow Jones Predictor, Gold Predictor, Nasdaq Retractor, or DAX Retractor.