Stop Trading

Stop Trading PRO is a utility software that automates some important trader's actions. Stop Trading PRO is closing all expert advisors, all open positions, and all pending orders if a condition set by the trader is met. The condition set is regarding the account balance, equity, margin, profit or loss, or regarding the number of open trades in the current account. Passively, it can be used to report and notify different events in the account. Stop Trading PRO can also be used to protect the capital or to close different positions sets(positive or negative trades, long or short).

Version: 1.55
Last update:

Stop Trading PRO can be used for account fragmentation or to set a Global Stop-Loss. Stop Trading PRO is running fine regardless of the account type or account currency. Stop Trading PRO can be attached to any price chart and used in any timeframe. It checks the set conditions at every tick, so it runs better on a volatile market. Open positions and pending orders can be closed if the respective market is open!